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We are confident you will become a repeat customer. We are licensed and insured and offer fast, friendly service, whether it's fixing a leaky faucet or getting your house ready to sell. Serving Albuquerque, Peralta, Bosque Farm and Los Lunas. No charge for estimates.

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Services Offered:

  • Painting, Drywall & Stucco Repairs, Interiors & Exteriors, Patio Covers & Carports
  • Complete Range of Handyman Services
  • Make-Readies or Getting Your House Ready To Sell
  • Tile Floors, Countertops, Backsplashes, Hearths and Showers
  • Landscapes, Sprinkler Upgrades & Yard Clean-Ups
Albuquerque Handyman: A Man of Many Skills

A capable Albuquerque handyman is a person who can help you get all your small and odd jobs done on time. A skilled Albuquerque handyman can prove to be the best person to help you complete your small projects quickly and efficiently. A handyman is a person who can help you with all kinds of jobs, from the renovation of a room to helping with household repairs. They are proficient in multiple jobs such as painting your house, solving minor plumbing and electrical issues, installing and repairing drywall, and taking care of your landscape. You can also hire skilled handymen to look after your property.

A local Albuquerque handyman can help you with your smallest tasks. They can help you complete your DIY jobs too. An Albuquerque handyman holds experience and shows commitment for every type of job. He is often called a ‘Jack of all trades’. The truth is a handyman is essentially expert at any job. A handyman can show his capability and creativity in a number of jobs.

When Do You Need an Albuquerque Handyman?

So, when do you decide to hire an Albuquerque handyman? You might have a number of small and diverse tasks to be done, which cannot be done by a contractor. Then you need to determine whether the projects you have in mind are within your own scope of abilities. You need to consider you skills along with the time required for completing a project. Will you have enough time to complete all the repair and maintenance work by yourself? Remember that no one in your family will be happy walking around all week while you try to find the time to put the kitchen faucet back together! If you have any doubts it’s best to hire a skilled Albuquerque handyman to do the job for you.
A skilled Albuquerque handyman is the best person for getting all your repair joba done. It is not possible to hire a contractor for every small job. You can easily find a reliable Albuquerque handyman for completing small DIY projects. He is the best person for your day to day repair and maintenance jobs. Hiring a handyman is more economical than hiring a contractor for small jobs.

Albuquerque Handyman: Perfect for Every Job

An Albuquerque handyman can help you with any job. You may want to remodel your kitchen or bathroom or paint a few rooms. You may be left with some building and finishing tasks. A handyman in proficient in all types of job, right from painting, repairs to installations. Many a times, you might take up DIY projects, but fail to complete them successfully. A skilled Albuquerque handyman can prove to be the best person to help you with your DIY projects. He can help you to improve your own skills as well. It is obvious that every home needs repairs from time to time. In spite of your best maintenance efforts, you may have a number of areas that need upkeep and repair, trim that needs to be replaced, cracks in the wall, drawers, doors or windows that stick and other assorted things that need fixing. It’s not an understatement to say that a dependable Albuquerque handyman often proves to be a homeowner’s best friend.

You might have spilled paint on your hardwood floor while painting your living room. Or you might want to give your walls a new look. Some issues might be too small to hire a contractor, but require quick repairs. A skilled Albuquerque handyman is the perfect person for such tasks.

Some problems might need immediate attention. When you need help you often tend to look to a family member, neighbor or friend, who might know how to deal with the problem. However, seeking help from an untrained person may make the problem worse than earlier. A trained Albuquerque handyman on the other hand, can solve your problems easily and efficiently.

Albuquerque Handyman: The Best Friend for Your Home

This business is often run by a single person. If you make an appointment with an Albuquerque handyman to come give you an estimate or handle your repairs, but need to cancel, do not forget to call the handyman and cancel the appointment. Handymen offer their services to many clients and cannot afford to waste their time. You can always get your appointment with the Albuquerque handyman rescheduled. An Albuquerque handyman is a multitalented professional. He can work on all types of projects and deliver desired results. If he cannot solve a problem, he tells you about the problem and the right person to call for help. When it comes to helping you maintain your home a reliable Albuquerque handyman can truly be your best friend.


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"I wanted an 8x12 patio cover & was ready to have Home Depot install it, even though they wouldn't build it to my design. On a whim, I opened up the Dex Yellow Pages and called Ace Home Repairs. Mitch came out & they built me one to my design and saved me $1200. Now I use them whenever I have problems with my rentals. "

Glenn, Albuquerque

"I inherited a sorry-ass house in Alb. in 2009. Coming from Colorado, I didn't know anyone. I opened up the Dex Yellow Pages and looked up Handy-Person Service and called Ace Home Repairs. They gave me a rough estimate for repairs, painting and yard clean-up and went to work. The house sold to the second person that looked at it! I highly recommend the Schultzes. "

Bob, Pagosa Springs, CO

"My stucco was coming off in chunks all around my parapets and I wanted to sell my townhouse, so I called two stucco companies for estimates to patch and apply a new color-coat. Well, I sat there looking at these 8 and 9 thousand $ estimates and remembered Brad lived right next door and was supposed to be some kind of handyman. Then I got in touch with him and he suggested patching and painting. They did it, the townhouse looks great and I saved 60%. "

Jim, Albuquerque